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Apartment Odor Elimination Tips

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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            Apartment odors can build up rather quickly and make life somewhat uncomfortable. Odors should be eliminated, using many of the methods listed below, prior to moving into it. Odor build up does not insinuate that the residents of the apartment are nasty people. These bothersome smells are generally produce through every day living habits. Some of the worst culprits are smoking inside, indoor pets, and cooking, especially any type of sea foods. Most of the methods to eliminate these odors cost little to nothing. The largest element they require is elbow grease. Those that may cost a small amount are definitely worth the price, depending on how powerful the odors in question are.

Routine Cleaning and Air Circulation

            Most odors can be reduced, if not entirely eliminated, by simply performing routine cleaning tasks with the windows open. Be sure to turn off the central heat and air system to save on energy costs during this process. Thoroughly cleaning surfaces, washing dishes, and removing garbage removes most all of the sources of odors. Opening the windows allows air to circulate through the apartment. If there is a small fan present, place this in the window as well to boost air movement.

Deeper Cleansing

            Sometimes the odors present indicate that a deeper cleaning is necessary to remove them. Clean all of the surfaces within the apartment as well as all of the walls. Choose something that has a pleasing scent to replace that which is offensive. Again, it helps a great deal to open all of the windows and place a fan in one of them. Prior to washing the walls, take down all of the curtains and wash them. If these are drapes and have a rubber backing, do not dry them. Simply hang them back on the rod and allow them to air dry.

            Rent a carpet shampooer. This may cost a little more than other methods, especially after adding the cost of the carpet shampoo itself; however, it will be worth it in the long run. Shampoo all of the carpets in the apartment and throw any rugs possible into the washing machine. Inquire if accessory parts are available and consider using these to clean upholstered furniture. It is not a good idea to skimp on the shampoo; however, there are some products that work well for slightly less money.

Sensible Tips

            There are a few simple tasks that when performed on a routine basis prevent offensive odors before they begin. Most are just common sense, every day cleaning chores. Keep the dishes washed up and the trash removed from the apartment. The dish washer does not have to be run every day, simply rinse the dirty dishes in hot water and place them in the washer until there is a complete load. Try tying the trash up the night before and placing it in front of the door so it will be remembered in the morning on the way out. Open windows, and turn off the air system, when cooking pungent foods.

All of these will make the apartment smell nice. A last thought is to save and dry apple peels. Place this in a sauce pan with a couple of cups of water, a dash of cinnamon, and simmer for a few hours. Be sure to keep an eye on it and do not let it boil dry. This will make the apartment smell almost like home. Caution: This may cause sudden home sickness.