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Clothes Hound Apartment Organizing

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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Two of the most difficult items to keep organized are shoes and clothes, especially for clothes hounds who live in small apartments. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a clothes hound; however, this can become problematic for those who have little or no organizational skills. There are a number of creative ways to organize all kinds of outfits right down to the matching shoes.

In the Closet

First on the list is any number of packaged closet organizer. These are available in many different price ranges designed from several types of materials. Many of these kits allow a certain amount of customization by enabling individuals to stack the sections in different ways to make them taller and thinner or shorter and wider. This is great for most any type of closet and comes in handy, if the organizer decides to move. It may be restacked to fit into the new closet.

Any versions of under the shelf wire racks are available to organize foldable items in the closet. There are also stackable shelves that may be placed upon existing shelving or can stand alone. One excellent organizing tool worth considering is garment hangers. These are designed with special notches to accommodate an entire suit for a guy or gal. Swing-arm slack and six tier multi hangers are a couple more that simplify organizing a small closet.

A creative idea in this area is a DIY tier hanger which requires wire hangers and soda can pull tabs. Put the hanger hook through one hole of the pull tab. The hook of another wire hanger may be placed through the opposite hole. A similar idea may be implemented with hangers and short pieces of link chains. Affix the chain to the closet rod a place a hanger through each link.

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to over the door organizers. One is made from vinyl or plastic and is designed especially for shoes. It may be hung on the closet door so that it remains inside the closet when it is closed. This type is also good to organize socks; bras; belts; and ties. The same concept is used to create a sectional organizer that is designed to hang from the closet rod. Another style of over the door organizer is one that is a system of wire shelving that may be hung from the top of the closet door. A thought is to hang one of each on each side of the door for even more cubby holes.

Outside of the Closet

Clothes racks can be purchase at many department stores and are available in several sizes. Some of them are also designed to roll for convenience. This is a good idea for those whose closets simply cannot be organized to accommodate more clothes. A portable clothes rack may be placed in any area where there is room. It does not necessarily have to stay in the bedroom with the closet.

A crafty thought is to investigate second hand store for a ladder made from dowels that are on the thinner side. This may be mounted on any wall in any room. A large number of wire hangers can be hung from the rungs as well as ties, belts, and scarves. Checking thrift stores is a great way to save money when organizing any space. It is important that individuals remember to take their imagination with them.