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Complex vs Duplex Apartments

Posted by Corner House on January 20, 2015
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            There may be more choices when renting apartments that most individuals realize. There are apartment complexes and duplexes. All of them have advantages and disadvantages that should be considered prior to moving into one. It is important to weigh them all to determine which type is best suited to each individual situation.

Apartment Complex

            Apartment complexes consist of a single building with many apartments or several buildings with each containing many apartments. Of all apartment types complexes usually have the least expensive rent. This generally means the initial moving in fee is cheaper too. This may include the first month, last month, and deposit as well as a pet deposit, if animals are also making the move. When money is a determining factor, an apartment complex may be the best choice.

            The security of different types of apartments is greatly debated. Some believe one is a more secure place to live than another. As far as criminal activity, a complex is not truly more secure than a duplex. This depends upon the security measures and criminal deterrents in place. It is a good idea to inquire about these as well as inspect the property. Look for security guards, coded locks, and cameras. It may be slightly more difficult to escape a complex, if there is an emergency situation.

            One of the biggest concerns when choosing an apartment is privacy. There are usually several individuals and families within one apartment complex which my limit privacy in certain situations. Family barbeque gatherings may not be so intimate. The noise is another consideration as it generally travels fairly easily from one apartment to another. Again, it may be necessary to overlook these things, if money is an obstacle.


            Duplex apartments are one building divided in half to create two apartments. These are sometimes side by side or one above the other. This type of housing is usually more expensive than apartment complexes. In some cases, the difference is drastic. There are a couple reasons why it may be well worth the cost.

            Privacy is increased and noise is usually reduced living in a duplex. Some of these have fenced in back yards that, while small, may offer more intimacy. There will still be neighbors and, of course, noise. In many cases, duplexes are built better and more durable. This limits traveling noise to a certain degree.

            Security, again, depends on whether security guards, gates, and cameras are in place. It is always best to physically inspect any apartment before signing a lease. This is not only to examine security measures, but the condition of the apartment and the surrounding neighborhood. In an emergency situation, it is easier to evacuate a duplex apartment than an entire complex.

Quick Tips

            It may be an idea to create a list of requirements when searching for an apartment to rent. Make sure to include that which is needed as well as desired. Think of items such as the cost of moving in, the neighborhood, size, and local crime rate. Be sure to speak with landlords and neighbors face to face before moving in. A great deal can be learned about the apartment, neighborhood, and landlord by having a simple conversation with the people living next door.