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Convertible Furniture for Students

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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There is an absolutely wonderful new type of product being offered today. Several furniture manufacturers have begun to produce convertible furniture. Many of them aim their campaigns at college students; however, this type of furniture is great for anyone who lives in a small space because it allows a great deal more floor space.

Walnut Fold out Convertible Desk

One ideal solution for small spaces and desk requirements is a fold away style desk. It resembles a large medicine cabinet when closed. It mounts on the wall and is only 32 inches high, 22 inches wide, and 20 inches deep when it is sealed. The front of this cabinet folds open to reveal a writing desk. This fold out desk provides two shelves which are adjustable. It is also designed with a cork board and bill organizing station. It can be mounted on the wall of any room and there is no assembly necessary. When it is closed it may be used aa a frame to display a picture.

Sekretar Flatmate Desk

This desk is a compact work station that is great for any small space. It was especially designed for tiny apartments or dorm rooms. The desk design features both utility and efficiency in one piece of furniture. It offers a suitable amount of storage room for basic office or school supplies. This desk allows room for a laptop of up to 17 inches as well as an iPad. It was designed with a hidden power supply socket and lighting overhead. The Flatemate desk also provides additional storage space accessible from the side.

DIY Foldable Desk

            Both of the above mentioned products are wonderful. The first is somewhat less expensive than the second item. The fact of the matter is that many college students may not be able to afford either of those purchases. One idea for a DIY folding desk project only requires recycled materials.

The first idea requires a book case. If one is not currently present or available a good place to search for one is a thrift shop. It also requires a couple hinges, a small slide lock, and, if the builder is creatively inspired, sand paper and a little paint. Any sanding and painting should be accomplished prior to the assembly.

Measure the area directly in front of the first two shelves of the bookcase and acquire or cut a piece of wood that size. The hinges will be used to munt this piece over these first two shelve. This will allow the user to fold it hut when it is not in use. The side lock should be affixed beside this cover, on the front of the bookcase. This prevents it from falling and injuring anyone. As an addition before affixing the over a picture and frame may be mounted to it for display while it is closed.

Sleep and Work

Another category of desks are those that fold and transform into beds of varying sizes. Many of these may also be folded in a certain way to create a dinner table. During the day the desk may be used for school work. When the work has been completed it may be transformed into a cozy bed or, in some cases, as couch. There are a number of products like this on the market today. There are even rooms in a box. Every item required for the living room, as an example, may be folded and tucked away into one box. This includes a couch, at least two chairs, and a coffee table.