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Cutting Campus Corners

Posted by Friendly Design on February 5, 2015
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            The transition from high school to college can be scary; however, with a little knowledge of corner cutting it can be a very exciting time. Memories of college days generally remain with adults throughout their entire life. There are a few ways to make those days fun and memorable instead of traumatic and frightening. This is a whole new world fresh for the taking. The first tip is take smart chances and make time to have fun. Do not become wrapped up in the seriousness that excitement and relaxation are totally forgotten. A reward of fun in the sun every now and then, for example, can actually make students more productive and successful.

Friendships that Last

            College allows individuals to meet new people that they may otherwise never be exposed to. These individuals hail from all walks of life and from all over the world. This experience can help prepare young people for the diversity of the business world. Making friends should be about fun and lasting relationships; however, these are not the only benefits. Those who succeed within the same classes make great study partners. College is also the place many successful individuals first meet their future business connections.

Campus Programs

            There are several campus programs that can assist students in cutting corners and the wise student will take advantage of as many of them as possible. One program many campuses employ is sometimes called a meal ticket. This allows students to fund meal cards with a certain amount of money.

Many times this is the residual funds from student loans and grants, but most colleges allow students to purchase meal tickets even if they are not participating in any financial aid programs. The card enables students to purchase food from the campus cafeteria with the card when the kitchen is open. They cannot remove the funds for any other purpose ensuring there is money for food throughout the term.


            Technology today can provide many amenities which help students cut corners. Most all college students use their smart phones as alarm clocks; however, these little devices can be used for much more. Most all smart phones have calendars and appointment reminder apps. These may be used to set up students’ class schedules and reminders can be set to help get them to class on time.

Most colleges also have programs which alert students to schedule changes and weather emergencies through text messages. Email accounts may be programmed to send alerts through cell phones. It is a good idea to browse app stores because there are smart phone apps for almost anything.

Pack ‘N’ Go

            College students almost always have to learn to be like boy scouts. They must be well prepared for almost any event. They must be critical thinkers and learn to plan as well as pack for each day. For the student who travels by foot it is a good idea to keep snacks, drinks, and hygiene products in their back packs. For those in vehicles, keep these types of items in the trunk. These students should also keep emergency items in case the car breaks down. Some examples are blankets for warmth, important phone numbers, and jumper cables.