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Deciding on Off Campus Housing

Posted by Corner House on October 1, 2015
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Making the Decision to Off Campus Housing

For some of us this is the first semester we living in off campus housing.  Corner House Apartments prides itself in providing a COMFORTABLE, CLEAN, and CLOSE experience while you live in off campus housing.  So whether you are a newbie or a veteran in living off campus, here are some pointers that off campus housing can provide.


When I lived in the dorms I LOVED it my first year.  However, I began to realize that everyone was pretty similar to me.  We were all freshman, living on our own for the first time, around the same age, all attending the same college.  By the end of my freshman year I made friends with my floor mates and others who lived in my dorm.  YET, I still felt like I was missing something.  I wanted to expand my circle of friends to professionals (possibly make some intern contacts), meet people who didn’t attend my specific university (Ann Arbor has several colleges in the immediate area), and just meet people living and working in the area (Ann Arbor is very eclectic and I wanted to meet some of it’s natives).  I knew if I stayed in on campus housing I might not really get to know everything Ann Arbor has to offer.  I wanted to expand my wings, so I began to look into moving into off campus housing.

Ann Arbor Liberty St

Ann Arbor Michigan Liberty Street

 Criteria for Off Campus Housing

My first step was to find a roommate.  I grew up with a childhood friend who was attending the college in the next city.  She loved Ann Arbor.  We drifted apart after high school, but I called to arrange for a meeting to catch up.  Low and behold she wanted to move into off campus housing too!!!  YAY!!!  Now we just had to locate a great place.  She had a car (to commute to the next college) so parking was a must and I wanted something CLOSE to campus.  Let’s have a REAL moment right now:  I have lived in Michigan my entire life….YET….I HATE COLD WEATHER.  I want to be close to campus so that I can either jump on the bus or walk to class in the shortest amount of time so that I can get warm and toasty FAST!!!  We used the Walk Score site to help us locate a location that met the criteria we were looking for. 

Making the Commitment

So we shopped around on the internet and we called around.  Ann Arbor has so many different options when it comes to housing.  There are lofts, houses, apartments, rooms, and I think I came across one basement too 🙂 .  So we called, we looked at websites, and we took a few tours.  We instantly felt comfortable with Corner House Apartments.  They were very friendly and not pushy.  There were no “hidden fees” and very upfront with costs.  They also met all the criteria we were looking for.

Reflecting Back

I don’t regret moving away from campus housing.  I got to meet people from all walks of life.  I was able to get to downtown and campus quickly and without freezing my “tushy” off.  I loved the year we had together there.  I really feel like moving off campus and adding to my college experience by doing that; made me a better person.  Living off campus allowed me to explore and expand on my experience while living in Ann Arbor.  Best decision I ever made.