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Green College Life

Posted by Friendly Design on March 28, 2015
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Green has become the new buzz word around the world. Business now comply with and implement green, sustainable practice. There are all sorts of recycling programs to take part in and an abundance of information is available about eco living, especially on the internet. College student can continue to implement green living practices after they start school. In fact, most colleges encourage this behavior. This is actually an opportunity to find ways to do even more for the environment. College should be viewed as a marvelous opportunity for a wide range of life enhancing and fulfilling methods.

Green Recon

The first step to living green and becoming more ecologically conscious is to gather as much information as possible. There are numerous green newsletters and blogs on the internet to subscribe to. There are also various groups on social media to explore, many of which are localized to the area and college. Most universities have environmental groups to join and programs to investigate. Ask around and check bulletin boards as well as virtual message boards. One of the most important elements to the success of any endeavor is to be educated and armed with as much information as possible. There may also be ways to implement new environmental programs through college.

Greening Inside

There are numerous little things which can be done with environmental consciousness inside college dorms and/or apartments. Most of these tasks are quite simple and either cost very little or require no money what so ever. Many of these simple tasks can cut living costs as well. For example, set the thermostat to one temperature for summer and winter then stick to it. Turn off and/or unplug any electrical devices which are not being used. Washing dishes by hand when there only a few and washing only full loads of laundry are also ecofriendly practices. These little things can save money large sums in energy expenses.

Green Outside

One of the most productive, ecofriendly steps that can be taken concerns the college diet. It is both green and cost effective to pack lunches with snacks instead of dining out. It is generally much more nutritious as well. Another wonderful idea is to purchase a reusable drink container. This keeps disposable beverage bottles out of landfills and saves money. Recycle any disposable bottles, as well as other rubbish items, that are used whenever possible.

If there is room outside the apartment, start a small garden of vegetables. This is great for the earth, the wallet, and the body. Fresh grown produce is better for the body than most store bought produce and much healthier than canned vegetables. If there is very little or no room, consider container gardening. If that too is impossible, ask if the college has a community garden program in place. Organize a group and start one, if it does not.

Walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving whenever feasible. This saves money and decreases the dangerous missions of vehicles from being released into the air. Many colleges have transport systems exclusively for students which are free. Most universities are also located in large metropolises which offer public transportation. These usually charge a nominal fee per ride or a monthly pass may be purchased to save even more money. The important thing to remember is to have fun with it. Do not be afraid of asking questions because it is one of the best ways to learn and make new acquaintances. Jump in; get involved; be creative; and strike whenever the inspiration is hot.