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Greening Your Apartment

Posted by Corner House on January 20, 2015
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            There is a green movement taking place across the world. More and more individuals from all walks of life are becoming environmentally conscious. This seems much simpler for those who own their homes as opposed to those who rent, especially if they rent apartments. It is true that home owners usually have many more options for going green. This does not mean that apartment renters are left out of the loop. There are a number of simple ways to green your apartment.

Power Struggle

            The first step to greening your apartment is the infamous power struggle. Computers that are not properly shut down continue to drain energy throughout the night. This is actually true of any appliance left plugged in even when it is turned off. There are smart power strips available on the market today which reduce this waste. Consider switching every light bulb in the apartment to CFLs which will reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint along with the electric bill. Make sure to turn off lights and anything else in a room when leaving.

Get the Dirt

            A simple and inexpensive way to green your apartment is to switch to natural cleaning products. There are companies cropping up on an almost daily basis that offer a wide variety of them. Many natural cleaning products may be purchased online and delivered to the front door. Another bit of good news is that these types of cleaners may be made in the kitchen for very little money. The ingredients are available at the local grocery store. For example, vinegar makes an excellent glass cleaner and baking soda can be used as a soft scrub.

            One of the best ways to go green is to begin composting. There are compost bins that sit upon kitchen counter tops as well as those that can be created out of five gallon buckets. They are especially useful for fertilizing the gardening or even to feed houseplants. It is a wonderful feeling to pick fresh tomatoes for supper and add the scraps to the compost bin which will feed the tomato plants later. Make sure to let plants take advantage of the sun instead of using grow lights.

Greening Tips

            There are numerous simple and quick tips to go green which cost almost nothing. Instead of using the dryer every time clothes are washed, use a drying rack. There are some situations in which a dryer is necessary. Dryer heat deflectors and converters can be found for around $20 to $30. These connect to the dryer exhaust vent and can assist in heating the apartment at no additional charge. Many people set their thermostats between 68 and 70 degrees during winter days and 10 degrees lower while they sleep. Most individuals set it for around 72 in the summer months.

Renters cannot completely renovate their plumbing to be ecofriendly in most cases. They can retrofit their toilets with what is known as dual flush converter kit. This costs around $100, but saves a great deal of water and funds in the long run. There are also low flow shower heads which save water without sacrificing pressure.

            While all of these ideas are relatively simple and most do not cost all that much, they can reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time. Some are also better for your health. For example, using natural methods to clean the apartment eliminates numerous toxic chemicals in daily life. Every little thing helps in very big ways.