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Inexpensive Goth Design for Apartments

Posted by Friendly Design on February 4, 2015
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            The word Goth evokes images of vampires, blood, bats, and pretty much anything black or deep red. These images are actually not entirely accurate and have been perpetuated by the media. Goth designs do not necessarily embrace the dark side. Using a Goth theme for the interior design of an apartment can be fun and exciting. It can also be accomplished for less money than what most people may realize.

Paint It Black

            In the first place, most owners are not willing to allow tenants to paint the apartment walls black and/or red. In the second place, that is not exactly what Goth design is about. For example, it is actually much easier to paint the walls white and decorate with Goth style pieces. The white background will contrast very nicely with Gothic pieces. Painting the wall a light color provides the illusion that the room is bigger, while painting them a dark color creates the illusion that it is much smaller.

            Gothic architecture began around the late to high medieval time period. It encompasses ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and pointed arches. It was considered French work or Opus Francigenum. Wonderful Gothic architecture may be seen in town halls, universities, and castles. It was seen in private, traditional residences to much less of an extent.

Wall Coverings and Fabrics

            Visit some yard sales, thrift shops, and inexpensive furniture shops. Look for furniture stores which offer discounts because their products have slight flaws. In most cases, these flaws do not affect the functionality of the products. Look for couches and chairs with high backs covered in fabric that resembles tapestries. Velvet of dark, rich colors such as reds, greens, purples, and blues create a Gothic look.

If the walls of the living room have been painted white, a black couch or one covered in an old tapestry fabric will look stunning. Also search for throw rug, drapes, and throw blankets made in this style. Remember, these accent pieces are very important to the look of any design. Most tapestries are created to be displayed on the wall and look awesome behind the couch or dining room table. Consider using wrought iron for the headboard of the bed and bookcases made of dark wood or metal resembling ironwork filled with old books.

The Small Stuff

            Remember that small things are one of these keys to creating a look. For example, look for black or silver, wrought iron style candle holders for the living room, dining room, and bedroom. Hang large pictures with Gothic themes and solid, dark wooden frames. While visiting yard sales and thrift shops look for Halloween themed decorations. These almost always evoke the Gothic sense. Take the time to peruse some internet sites with pictures of places and castles to get ideas for decorating. These items do not have to be purchased from expensive stores. They may be acquired much cheaper a few pieces at a time.

            Oddly enough, quite a few accent pieces for interior Goth designs may be found in the garden section of departments stores. Look for large stone planters, small busts, statues, and stained glass. Make a brainstorm list of items to look for before shopping to spark the imagination and have fun with it. Invite friends and family to join in the adventure.