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Live Green in a Tiny Palace

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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More and more individuals today are becoming ecologically conscious. This is regardless of age, social class, or ethnicity. While this is important to many, it is difficult for some due to living circumstances. Individuals do not have to own the dwelling that they reside in to lead a greener life style. They also are not required to live in a house. There are many ways in which all individuals can help protect the earth.

Eco Water Bottles

            Plastic beverage bottles are made out of petroleum based materials which are strongly dependent upon fossil fuels. These bottle pile up endlessly in landfills all over the world which is extremely detrimental to the environment. Instead of buying purified water in plastic bottles consider installing a water filter in the apartment kitchen and purchasing a reusable drinking bottle. Try choosing something that supports the college team. Retrieving water to use for cooking from this filter will be heathier and create meals that taste much better.

Electricity Villains

There are several things that can be done to save electricity thereby reducing the carbon footprint that individuals inevitably leave behind. Developing all of these habits will also greatly reduce the energy bill. It is possible to be green while saving money and the environment simultaneously. Appliances continue to drain a certain amount of power even when they are turned off. Make a habit of turning appliances that cannot be unplugged off, including lights, and unplugging those that can be.

The thermostat may be the biggest culprit in the power struggle. Set the thermostat for 68 degrees or lower in the winter and 78 degrees or higher in the summer. Another method of battling the thermostat demon is to wear sweaters and light jackets in the cold months and remove clothes in the warmer months. This will drastically reduce the light bill.

Living a green life style does not actually entail sacrificing modern conveniences. It means being smart and logical when using them. Only use dishwashers and washing machines when there is a full cycle dirty. This dramatically saves both electricity and water. Rinse dishes in hot water and place them in the dish washer until there is a full load to prevent odors.

Covering windows with thick material year round helps reduce energy costs. This does not mean no light is allowed in and it is good for both the apartment and the residents to air it out from time to time. It simply means to keep them covered most of the time. Drapes or shades work equally well for this. If worse comes to worse, thick, furry blankets may be purchase for very little money at dollar type stores.  Curtain rods are not absolutely necessary either. A few tacks or nails will work just fine. Keep in mind that windows which are not drafty can be a heat source on sunny, winter days, so pull the covering back at these times.

Another green task is recycling. This may not seem possible, especially with little room to sort. A great many campus apartments have recycling services readily available. Inquire at the office or ask the landlord/lady about them. It may be necessary to take out the trash most every day in order to properly recycle; however, this is not only good for the environment, it is good for the apartment.