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Multiple Purpose Furniture for Apartments

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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            There are a number of furniture pieces being manufactured today that have dual purposes. Some have more than two functions. Utilizing furniture like this saves space in a small apartment and it is also considered green living. It uses fewer resources to manufacture a piece of furniture that serves two or more functions than it does one piece that only accomplishes one tasks.

Goliath Transforming Table

            The Goliath table transforms from a desk size of 17 inches into a dining table which measures 115 inches. It is designed with a distinct aluminum telescope style mechanism. The table includes five different eaves so it may be converted to seat up to ten adults for an elegant dinner. It may also be folded up completely and be used as a coffee, entry way, or book table. It is available in both a wood and glass finish.


Matroshka is an innovative and interesting furniture company. They have created a four rooms in one concept for small spaces. This includes the bedroom; living room; dining room; and the study. This product may be folded to create furniture to design each of the above mentioned rooms one or two at a time.

For example, the pieces may be assembled to furnish an office space and a living room during the day time. The living room pieces can be rearranged to fashion a dining area for company. At night the pieces may be transformed to create a cozy bedroom which can accommodate at least two individuals. The set includes several ottomans with storage space which may be used as guest seating or hidden under the larger pieces.

Desk Bed

            The home desk bed provides a workstation desk during the day time and a bed for nighttime. It is designed with a balancing system which allows items to remain stationary while folding it and/or when not in use. This is great for a small apartment, dorm room, or a child’s bedroom. Both the desk and the bed function well in their respects and cannot be seen when stored way. When the desk is being displayed it resembles an upright, standing piano.

Pantry Dinner Table

            A corner curio cabinet is a lovely place to store dishes and/or pantry items. The front of this cabinet folds out to form a mall dining table. One dinner is over it can be closed again transforming it back into a cabinet with the table tucked neatly away. There are several products along this Murphy bed style idea which are worth considering. Some of them fold down from the wall. Another play on this concept is the old fashioned ironing board which folds down from the wall.

A Cute Idea

            One cute and extremely handy piece of furniture is cheval dressing mirror in one position. When the mirror is folded down it becomes an ironing board. Though it is not exactly a piece of furniture the space under stairs may be converted into book shelves, a closet, or even an office area. Rolling butcher blocks are designed to be used as cutting boards, mini pantries, and small dinner tables. The sides are on hinges and may be folded out to accommodate a couple for a cozy dinner.