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Party Wisely

Posted by Friendly Design on February 5, 2015
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            One element college life is most famous for is partying. There always seems to be something for students to celebrate. In many cases, this involves large crowds, loud music, and at least a certain amount of alcohol. Two of the biggest concerns of these parties are date rape and drunk driving. It is extremely important to take precautions to prevent both as well as avoid a few other dangers along the way.

No Student Left Behind

            Since most of these dangers involve alcohol the most prevalent advice from adults, faculty, and parents is simply to abstain from alcohol. While that is very easy for certain individuals, it is not a realistic solution for most college students. It is better to say be aware of alcohol intake and do not drink so much that all sense of awareness is lost. There is nothing wrong with having a couple of drinks at a social gathering in moderation.

            Students should go to these gatherings in groups and keep an eye on each other. It is also very important not to leave anyone behind, especially those who may be intoxicated. A designated driver should be appointed before reaching the celebration. No one should ever drive while under the influence of any amount of alcohol. In the event that guests will be leaving on foot, a designated walker should still be appointed. This individual should abstain from drinking any alcohol and remain vigilant. Make sure everyone who came is present in the departing crowd and a safe well-lit route is taken for the trip home.

Celebration not Melee

            Another concern pertaining to college parties is fighting and violence. While parties do not always turn violent, some have and, with added alcohol, the potential is there. This is another good reason to moderate alcohol intake. Do not take others opinions to heart and, if other guests seem to be headed toward violent tendencies vacate the party immediately. Moods can and do change in the blink of an eye when alcohol is involved and cause situations to quickly escalate.

Wise Hosting

            Hosts must take a portion of the responsibility for the safety of guests. Ensure that everyone has non-alcoholic alternative beverages as well as a variety of snacks and food. Be aware of what guests are doing at all times and try to diffuse any situation which could turn violent. Hosts should be prepared with a place for inebriated guests to sleep and sober up. If any intoxicated guest tries to leave in a car or on foot, try asking him/her to wait and call some other means of transportation for him/her.


  • Never drive while drinking or ride with a driver who has been drinking. Take a cab, call campus transit, or find another trustworthy ride.
  • Never allow an individual who has been drinking to get behind the wheel. Call campus transit, a taxi, or ask a trustworthy, sober friend to take him/her home.
  • Never leave a drink or even food unattended at a party. If a drink or food has been left unattended, never, under any circumstances, consume it. Throw that item away and get a fresh one.
  • Never leave a friend, especially an intoxicated one, unattended at a party.