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Renting Traps

Posted by Friendly Design on February 4, 2015
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            In a perfect and honest world there would be no such thing as renal traps. The truth is, not only is the world not perfect or completely honest, individuals are taken in by rental traps every day. It is important to understand that anything that is signed becomes a legal, binding document which will hold up as evidence and may be used in a court of law.

Legal Language

            The average individual does not understand the legal language lawyers use to create contracts. While there are some who do, the number of people who do not read these contracts before signing them is astounding. It is essential to read every single word of the document, especially the tiny print. The fine print is usually where import details are hidden that end up landing renters in hot water.

It is also very important to ask as many questions as necessary. Ask the apartment owner about any details which are confusing or unclear. It is also a good idea to ask for a few days to review the contract before committing to it. Honest building owners will not mind and will understand this completely. Another thought is to ask someone else to review the contract as well. This could be a family attorney, mom and dad, or a friend in law school.

Inspection is Protection

            One of the key elements to moving into a suitable apartment is to carefully inspect it before signing the contract. Make sure that is not only suitable, but that there is no significant damage to the residence. Turn the water in the sinks on and check the pipes to ensure they do not leak. Look for water satins and/or damage on walls and ceilings. Be wary of any apartment that smells of must and/or mildew or soft spots in the floor. Make sure everything is in proper working order.

            Check the premises for signs of unwanted pests. Tiny scraps of paper piled into nest and small feces in cabinets are signs of mice. If one cock rock is crawling around, it is an indication that there are probably thousands more hiding within the walls. Bed bugs have become an epidemic once again. These critters are currently nearly impossible to get rid of. Research on the internet to discover exactly what these insects look like. Do not sign a contract for or move into an apartment riddled with pests.

Renters Proactivity

            Make a list of everything to inspect and look for. Take this list and a pen along during the apartment inspection. Mark acceptable items off and jot down notes about needed repairs and/or issues. While examining the contract make additional notes for issues which are not addressed. Sit down face to face with the building owner to discuss all of these issues and their resolutions. Once all questions have been satisfied and all issues have been properly addressed, ensure these resolutions and agreements are clearly added to the contract before signing it.

            Most people in the world today are actually honest at heart and landlords/ladies are not out to trap renters into unfair contracts. In many cases, the owners may not have thought of something or may not have been aware that there was an issue. Critical thinking and careful inspection protects all parties involved.