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Sewing Space in Apartments

Posted by Friendly Design on February 4, 2015
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            There are a number of reasons that individuals take up sewing. For some it is a relaxing hobby while other try to save money by sewing clothing articles for family members. Whichever the case may be, a designated space is generally required. There are a number of items needed, if they intend to do more than sewing repairs. Many of these related items are dangerously sharp and must be kept securely out of the reach of little ones and/or pets. Families who live in large houses can generally dedicat an entire room to this purpose; however, this becomes extremely difficult in an apartment. This does not mean it is impossible. It simply requires a little ingenuity.

Closet Space

            An apartment that has a large closet provides great potential for swing enthusiasts. In the event that the closet is never used, it will be simple to arrange it with closet organizing hardware. If the closet is currently being used to store clothes, the project will require a little more imagination. The first step is to go through everything which is currently being stored in the closet. Give away, donate, or throw away everything that is not in use. If something has been living in that closet without being touched for months, it is a good indication it should be eliminated. It is only taking up valuable space which could be used for sewing articles.

Once this is complete, decide where to store the remaining items. Perhaps they can be folded down and placed in drawers or in storage containers under the bed. If there is space in another room, add a bookshelf to it, fold down clothes, and store them on shelves. Do not forget that part of the clothes items might be kept for sewing project potential. While designing the interior of the closet remember to add both small and large storage containers with multiple, various sized compartments.

Under the Stairs

            Families or individuals lucky enough to live within a two story dwelling have a great place to design sewing spaces. This idea requires a little bit of do it yourself handy knowledge and, possibly, permission from the landlord/lady. Some may be lucky enough to have a pace already cut out below the stairs. This is a popular area which previous residents may have used for additional closets, small libraries, or home offices. If residents will have to cut the space themselves, make sure to get written permission from the owners before beginning any portion of the project.

            Once the space is made, the fun part can begin. Shelves can be mounted on the walls of the space for storage containers, sewing baskets, and folded down material. Dressers can also be used to store sewing items safely out of the way. Do not forget that one of the most important elements of the design is the method which will be used for sewing. If the sewing machine is contained in a desk, it will be simple. If it is not, a desk or a counter space will be needed for the sewing machine. Chairs, dressers, and desks may be obtained from thrift stores, yard sales, or even family members.