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Small Business Office in an Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on February 4, 2015
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            Self-employment and home based business ideas are gaining popularity every year. More and more individuals are deciding to set up a home based business office while attending college as a business management major. It is rather easy to dedicate an entire room for home office use when the dwelling is a house. It becomes difficult to find the space to design one which is effective and efficient in apartments. There are several ideas residents can consider to design their own home offices.

Office Division

The first idea is fairly simple to implement and, in most cases, will not cost an arm and a leg to develop. A room may be chosen to divide in order to create two separate rooms. While this works best if the room is extremely large, this is not mandatory. The initial step, after choosing the room, is to clean and reorganize it thoroughly. Anything in that room which is no longer used and is unwanted should be eliminated. These items can be donated or given to friends and family. Try having a yard sale with these things and use the profit to fund the home office. Also consider using these items to barter with thrift shops for useful ones.

The next step is to choose a large piece of furniture to be used as a room divider. This might be a big bookcase or couch. It may be necessary to use more than one object depending on the length of the space to be divided. A bookcase is an excellent option because it can be used in the living room or the office space. Once an area has been established it will be necessary to acquire a desk or another piece of furniture to serve as one. Consider using a sitting level shelf, if a bookcase has been used. The rest of the shelves will come in very handy when organizing office supplies.

Caddy Corner

            A similar idea to that above creates a nice little corner office. Again, clean ad reorganize the whole room getting rid of all useless items. Next, choose a corner of the room and a divider object. The two walls of the corner will be two walls of the office and a third wall may be created with the divider object. Use a couch with the sitting portion facing the living room or use a bookcase with the shelves facing in either direction keeping what these shelves are to be used for in mind.

            It might be easier to begin by searching for and acquiring the desk for the home office. This will often make it much easier to place the actual office area. The desk is generally the largest piece of furniture in an office, especially the small home based type. Make a list of what will be needed to design the office, then make a few phone calls. Ask family members if they are willing to part with that old bookcase or desk they never seem to use anymore. Inquire at thrift shops and check out the college bulletin board during the search.