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Social Gatherings in Tiny Spaces

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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            One exciting element of college life is social activities and gatherings. Most all students look forward to the day when they are able to plan and host their own party. There is another common element that they share and that is lack of space. Some individuals never attempt to have a social gathering because they do not believe that they have the space to accommodate such an event. There a few ways to resolve this frustrating issue.

Rearrange the Furniture

            Consider rearranging the furniture to create space for party guests. It is only a temporary move so it is really not a big deal, although it may be necessary to ask a stout friend to help and then return after the party to put everything back. For example, if there is a dining area, switch it, temporarily, with the living room. Another idea is to move all of the furniture as close to the walls as possible. This will create a space for a food table while leaving the seating for guests in place. One last suggestion in this area is to move all or most of the furniture into the bedroom to get it out of the way and make room for dancing.

Outside Gatherings

            If there is any space at all outside of the apartment, consider having a gathering there. It is not necessarily required to move the entire party outside, in fact, it is better to be prepared if the weather turns bad. Move the food table, for example, so guests may eat out there. Place a large trash can with a liner near so they may dispose of trash right then. This will save a great deal of time during clean up. Those who are fortunate enough to have at least a small garden will already have a few flower decorations in place.

Food and Serving

            Use creativity and imagination when determining where to serve the party food. Food does not have to be served only in the kitchen, especially at parties. Those who have a den in their apartment can use this room to place and serve all of the food items. It can be set up similar to a buffet complete with beverages and eating utensils.

            Those without a den could redecorate any and all even, hard surfaces. This could be book shelves, a desk, coffee, and end tables. Speakers and other sound equipment could theoretically be utilized as well. All of these surfaces may be covered with beautiful, water resistant material, especially any sound equipment and in the case that alcohol will be served. Consider using and/or borrowing a couple of bar stools. Place a solid piece of wood across them to create yet another serving surface.

One Last, but Crucial Tip

            One of the most dreaded aspects of any social gathering is the cleanup process. There are a few ways to make the process quicker as well as simpler. One is to place lined trash cans in several central locations. Not all guest will choose to throw away their trash; however, many will, simply out of habit. It is also a good idea to take a trash can liner during mingling and host/hostess rounds. This way the trash items may be gathered on a periodic basis. The most important piece of advice is to smile, laugh, and have fun.