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Space Saving Appliances for Small Kitchens

Posted by Corner House on October 13, 2014
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            Organizing everything into an apartment is difficult enough, but it is almost impossible to actually create space. This is truer within the kitchen. Small apartments often have even smaller kitchens. There are a number of necessary items for any well equipped kitchen. These usually fall under the appliance umbrella and all appliances take up a great deal of counter space. There are several companies who manufacture what are known as space saver appliances. These appliances mount under and over counters as well as on walls in order to save needed counter space. Many of these are manufactured by top of the line appliance companies so there is no need to sacrifice quality.

Space Saver Coffee Maker

            While there are several companies that produce space saver coffee makers many of them offer the same elements. Step by step mounting instructions are generally included and the process is usually simple. They are available in 4, 8, and 10 cup capacities. They may be mounted under the cabinet which leaves valuable counter space and still allows for fresh brewed coffee. Many available offer programmable clocks; auto brewing; freshness indicators; and a save a plug features. The programmable clock means fresh, hot coffee upon waking in the morning. The save a plug feature enables individuals to provide power to two space saving appliances simultaneously.

Space Saver Food Processor/ Coffee Grinder

            A space saver mini food processor that doubles as a coffee grinder is another excellent item which provides convenience as well as saves counter space. This type of food processor includes two different steel blades. One is for chopping food items and the other for grinding coffee beans to enhance that fresh brewed taste. Simple operation and mounting instructions should be included.

Space Saver Toaster Oven

            The space saving toaster oven mounts directly under cabinets leaving counters free. The capacity of a toaster oven accommodates either four slices of toast or a nine inch pizza. It may be used to bake; roast; toast; or warm most any type of food. Check to ensure mounting accessories and instructions are included. This is a great idea for any apartment as it is one appliance that may be used for several different tasks rescuing even more counter room. Many feature easy temp controls and timers as well as the save a plug design.

Space Saver Microwave

            There are microwave ovens that are designed to be mounted under the cabinet as well as over the stove. There are also microwave mounting kits offered at most department stores. These types of microwaves provide the same conveniences and technologically advanced features as traditional microwaves. Some offered are microwaves only while others include convection ovens. Some manufacturers offer styles that are a combination microwave, convection and conventional oven. A convection oven features a fan which circulates the heat allowing the oven to cook faster and much more evenly.

            All of these appliances offer the wonderful features and conveniences of their traditional counter parts, yet leave valuable counter space for mixing and chopping. It is a good idea to shop around and seek out customer reviews. The internet is a good place to start making the process quick and simple. Be sure that the operation manual, mounting instructions, and some type of warranty are included with the product prior to making a purchase.