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Spring Renovation of an Apartment

Posted by Friendly Design on February 4, 2015
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            Spring is an exciting time of year regardless of whether families live in houses or in small apartments. The beautiful sounds of bird song permeates the air and new life is stirring beneath the earth. One tradition every one associates with this time of year is spring cleaning. There is another fun tradition for spring to consider and that is spring renovations. Instead of just deep cleaning, many families decide to add something fresh to the dwelling. This might be a fresh coat of paint or some bold new curtains and bed linens. There are several little things which can be done to spruce a place up and bring it new life even if the dwelling is a small apartment and the budget is tight.

Inspection and Correction

            The first task which should be completed is to create a check list of all items that may need attending. Many of these, if any exist, would have been obvious during the spring cleaning session. These tasks also depend on the residents responsibilities as opposed to the owners. For example, in a home, occupants would probably check their gutters for built up debris; however, in an apartment building this is most likely the owner’s duty. It may still be a good idea to inspect such things and, in the event that they need attending, bring it to the owner’s attention. Inspect windows and doors as well as the yard area to ensure no pests have burrowed in. Check the pool too because it will not be long until the next refreshing dip.

Fresh Color

            Spring evokes rainbows of beautiful and vibrant colors. This rainbow can be brought into the apartment by applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Wallpaper is another great way to add a splash of color to the dwelling. Make sure that if these changes are permanent and/or drastic, to get permission from the owners. Many times building owners do not mind, especially if the tenets are supplying the material. Consider making him/her a proposal in which the materials and/or labor may be taken off of the rent.

            Another way to add fresh color to an apartment is by changing the bed and window dressings. Putting brand new, bold drapes throughout the entire apartment can make it look like a brand new place. It might be fun to hit thrift shops and yard sales to find bed linens with fun prints. Remember to look for different throw rugs and blankets as well as a shower curtain with a crazy design. Throw pillows are yet one more method of adding new life to an old room.


            Furniture is something that very rarely changes. Individuals do not usually get new furniture until something is wrong with what they have. It need not cost a fortune to refurnish an apartment with a whole new look. Go through and take inventory of what is there and what should or could be changed. Make a complete list of all of the furniture which will be leaving. Contact thrift shops to see if they are interested in buying these items and use the funds to buy all new furniture. Another consideration is to see if these shops will do a little trading. Once the creative spark is lit it becomes not only easy to come up with ideas, but very exciting.