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Stay Safe on Campus

Posted by Friendly Design on February 5, 2015
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            Starting college is an extremely exciting time in everyone’s life. It is the beginning of freedom, self-reliance, and a whole new chapter in life. It can be one of the greatest experiences in life. It can also be one of the most dangerous unless proper precautions are taken. College students are adults; however, this is their first time experiencing adulthood in most cases. Most campuses have numerous security measures in place and student safety is a top priority. The first step is to become familiar with the security measures implemented on campus.

Common Sense

            Most campus safety precautions are common sense and many are simple things everyone was taught while growing up. Do not talk to strangers is one such example, but with a slight variation. Campuses are full of other students as well as faculty. It is quite impossible to attend college without speaking to strangers. The variation to this is not to provide personal information to strangers who do not need it.

Of course faculty and security staff might need to know exactly what dorm students are residing in. A stranger met on the way to pick up a few items at the local convenience store does not. It I good to make new friends; however, an acquaintance does not necessarily need to know exactly where home is. There are few other tips which will go a long way to ensure student safety.

  • Try to observe campus curfews and do not go out alone after dark. There are criminal elements that actually prey on students who chose to walk alone after dark. Try to walk with a group and, if this is not possible, be sure someone is aware of the trip as well as take a cell phone along. Keep emergency numbers programmed into the phone through speed dialing.
  • Always walk in well-lit areas with emergency phones along the route.
  • Always be sure that the main entrance to the dorm areas is locked as well as the dorm room door itself and the windows before going to bed.

Be Alert

It is important for all individuals to be alert and aware of their surroundings no matter where they are. Even when walking with a group of friends in broad daylight it is best to pay attention to what it going on. Simply watching and avoiding certain types of circumstances keeps people safe.

  • Watch out for unsavory or suspicious acting characters. If there is something suspicious going on, try taking another route or look for familiar faces to join.
  • Do not carry more personal items than necessary.
  • Keep an eye on all belongings especially keys, cell phones, and laptops. This include during campus library excursions. There are those who make it a point to visit campus libraries during peak hours to find individuals absorbed in their studies in order to steal their personal items.
  • Be alerts to online scams trying to obtain personal and sensitive information. Never give out this information to unknown or unverifiable individuals.

It is a good idea to carry both college and state identification. There is a silly, but simple phrase many college students are beginning to use. When leaving to travel anywhere the phrase milk phone can help. M is for money. I is for college identification. L is for license. K is for keys. Phone is self-explanatory. Because it is silly and simple it actually helps students remember to take these items along and keep them on their person.