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Student Health

Posted by Friendly Design on March 28, 2015
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One essential aspect of college life that students often neglect is their health. The body is one of the most important investments in life that individuals ever make. It is life’s greatest assets and should be properly cared for. This includes implementing a diet of nutritional foods and beverages as well as an exercise program. This does not mean to eat any specific food or start an intensely rigorous fitness routine. It simply means to be conscious of what food and beverages are consumed then make choices which are nutritionally sound. There is no need to join an expensive gym to implement an exercise routine. Simply walking, hiking, and/or performing Calisthenics as well as routines such as Tai Chi provide enough daily physical activity.

Internal Factors

It is important to not only understand which foods should be consumed, but why. It is much too difficult to throw a bunch of food away and buy all organic. It is much easier and cost effective to alter dietary intake a little at a time. Try replacing unhealthy food items with those which are nutritionally sound as they deplete. Preparing meals at home and packing lunches is almost always healthier than fast food. Of course, this is as long as fast food is not being replace with processed microwave dinners, though some frozen foods are healthy. Vegetable and pasta side dishes in steamer bags are a relatively new items which can be popped into the microwave. These actually have a pretty good amount of nutritional content and require only a minute or two to prepare.

Purchase a reusable, to-go cup to take healthy drinks along such as juice or water instead of buying carbonated drinks from machines. Carbonated drinks are very unhealthy and can break the budget. No amount of alcohol is good for the body ever, though this is one beverage that many college students consume on a regular basis. Alcohol leaches both fluid and nutrition from the body. A long term, overabundance of alcohol in the diet can rapidly lead to body system deterioration as well as numerous serious diseases and disorders.

External Factors

            Physical activity is as important to health as nutrition is. Universities often have gyms, rec departments, or some type of fitness facility so there is no reason to spend hard earned money on gimmicky memberships. It is also not absolutely necessary to step foot in any type of gym ever. Consider joining one the fitness or walking groups on the college campus. This provides physical activity opportunities as well as opens the door to make new friends.

Locate local parks or the city community center for exercise program or opportunities. Implementing a habit of going to the park to walk for an hour or so a couple of days every week. For those with furry companions, dog parks provide exercise for parent and pet at the same time. Ask around to find out if there are local nature walks or hiking trails to visit every other days or so. Search the internet for Yoga and/or Tai Chi videos. Both are low impact routines which also relieve stress. Healthy exercise and diet do not have to be complex. All it requires is to get started and get moving.