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Time Restraints and College Life

Posted by Friendly Design on March 28, 2015
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One of the biggest and most difficult issues college students face are time restraints. It is very important to effectively and efficiently schedule time for all activities. This does not just include classes, but also work and social life. If these activities are not planned and scheduled for, life can quickly get out of hand. It is not uncommon for students to become overwhelmed by all of these responsibilities that they fall forever behind. Scheduling time is one of the most crucial keys to college life success.

Set and Prioritize Goals

The first step to time management is to prepare a list of responsibilities. Write or type all activities which must be accomplished within the week. If certain events are monthly, be sure to record those as well. Number these items in order of importance. For example, classes are vital and require attendance as does work. Do not forget to include social and extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular events are important to future career paths because most of them will be displayed in college records. Future employers look for these and take critical note of them. Remember to include the required amount of study time in the schedule.

While it is more important to attend class and work, socialization is significant as well. This does not mean skip class or work to go to a social gathering. It does mean that a certain amount of socialization should be included in time scheduling. Human beings are social creatures and require the company of others or else they become depressed which can lead to other types of health issues. College students need to take a break from time to time to refresh their minds to be more productive. Keep in mind that certain types of social events are also important to the future. Individuals often meet future business contacts at college social events.

Set It in Writing

Once all activities have been accounted for and prioritized record them somewhere that is easily accessible. Large monthly calendars may be found on the internet for free from various companies for promotional purposes. Smart phones and laptops come with calendar app preinstalled. App stores offer appointment scheduling programs for computers and cell phones. Some of these incur a nominal charge while others are absolutely free.

Record all time blocks and appointments in the chosen program. Many will provide an alarm to alert users when the time is near. Go through the list that was created to ensure nothing has been left out. It may be a good idea to post all of them in a physical calendar on the wall or fridge even if a calendar app will be used. Place the calendar in a place where it will be seen every day. Use it to make notes in changes of scheduling as well as to post new information.


Creating an effective workable schedule is an evolutionary process that requires time to perfect. This is another reason it is a good idea to make notes on a physical calendar. It may take a couple of times and a great deal of reorganizing to create an efficient schedule. Do not be discouraged by this because this is an important element of the entire process. Once again, remember to schedule in a few breathers here and there to break the monotony and rest.